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The costs of an IP breach

Many startups, entrepreneurs and small medium businesses aren’t focused on security, including when it comes to protecting their IP and proprietary information. This is particularly dangerous for businesses in innovative industries where their IP is their business. This article discusses costs that can arise from an IP breach, what investors care about in relation to…

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Product Serialisation – a tool to help counter diversion and illicit trade

Illicit Trade and diversion is a problem which keeps growing. Have you ever purchased a counterfeit product? Would you know if you did? My local barber certainly did. Product Serialisation is increasingly being used by manufacturers and regulators to manage product integrity and safety risks. This article explores what serialisation is and how it can…

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Diversion of critical technology – a byproduct of global competition?

Diversion refers to the unauthorised or unintended redirection of technology, confidential information, or components / materiel from its intended (authorised) receipient or use to a different party or for use in a different purpose. The Diversion of critical technology, whether for military or dual-use applications, poses a challenge for national competitiveness and global security. This…

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Channel stuffing fraud – a distribution problem

Channel Stuffing is where sales teams sell abnormally large quantities of product to distributors at one time. This can be fraudulent where businesses or staff engage in Channel Stuffing for personal gain or to mislead investors. Aside from fraud losses, Channel Stuffing can result in financial and inventory distortions, excessive returns, and wasted marketing budget.…

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An introduction to third party screening processes

Screening is a term applied in the governance, risk and compliance field which equates to one or more database checks. Screening is an essential component of any third party risk management, supplier integrity, or compliance framework to manage a range of risks including contract risk, brand risk, sanctions, bribery and corruption, and many others. This…